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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your minimum guest count?– 25 for delivery / 75 for catered events

  2. What is Backyard BBQ’s catering specialty? - Primarily BBQ, casual, and cook-out fare

  3. Can I mix the option packages – add or delete items? - Yes – additional charges may apply

  4. Does Backyard BBQ provide servers? - Yes at an additional 20% gratuity

  5. Does Backyard BBQ provide bartenders – No

  6. Does Backyard BBQ provide disposables? - Yes

  7. Can I add my prepared food items to the buffet? No

  8. How far will Backyard BBQ travel to execute a catered event? Up to 300 miles

  9. Does Backyard BBQ provide china, flatware, and glassware? No

  10. Does Backyard BBQ provide décor? Yes – for buffet set-up only

  11. If a catered event – how long does Backyard BBQ serve? 1½ hours from the start time

  12. Can I rent a tent through Backyard BBQ? - No

  13. Does Backyard BBQ offer desserts? Yes. We offer select cakes, apple cobbler, and peach cobbler.

  14. I saw you had a food trailer - is it available for private parties? Yes

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